10 Tasty Holiday Foods That Contain Vitamins

Brussels Sprouts

OK, maybe we should start this one by calling a truce.

You may remember Brussels sprouts as those bitter little cabbages your mom forced you to eat. And you may not have forgiven her. But let's move on: You're an adult now, and many of the foods you tried back then deserve a second chance.

First off, they really are delicious. Brussels sprouts only turn bitter when they're over-cooked, so try boiling or sautéing them in butter for just a few minutes. Plentiful in the fall and winter, this vegetable pops up in a lot of holiday meals where the cook is looking for something green to add.

But why are they on this list? For many, many reasons! Brussels sprouts are packed with vitamin K (147 percent recommended daily amount), which is good for your bones; they also have 142 percent of your RDA of vitamin C; and throw in B vitamins, calcium, potassium, iron and manganese. As if that's not enough, this little vegetable has 3.8 grams of protein per serving [source: Nutrition and You].

So the next holiday spread you see where people are avoiding the sprouts, you'll know better and dig in. Which is good, because our next dish could get gobbled up quickly.