5 Healthy Cold-weather Foods to Warm You Up

It's hard to go wrong with chili on a cold day.
It's hard to go wrong with chili on a cold day.

Hiking in cold weather tends to burn several hundred more calories per day than in the milder temperatures of the spring or fall. Our bodies work overtime to maintain the internal heat needed to survive [source: Braaten]. But for some odd reason, most people don't lose weight in the winter -- they gain it. It's no mystery why this happens.

The vast majority of the population doesn't go on cold-weather hikes each day. They work in heated buildings where donuts lie temptingly in the break room; they spend a greater part of their days in warm homes where leisure activities like watching television go hand in hand with snacking. And they gather at holiday parties and other social gatherings where dips, desserts and high-calorie drinks abound. That doesn't have to be you.

Winter and weight gain are not inextricably connected. With a few healthy changes in the kitchen and an awareness of what foods your body needs -- not just what it wants -- you can emerge from the cold with a body for the beach. It begins with breakfast.

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