5 Healthy Cold-weather Foods to Warm You Up

Tomato Soup

Soup is an instinctual choice on a cold day. It just feels and tastes right. But it's not inherently good for you. Canned soup is often overloaded with sodium, oils and high calories. Healthy versions of soup can be every bit as tasty. Take tomato soup, for example.

Rather than using tomatoes that come saturated in oil, try the sun-dried variety in their natural, tasty form -- and add dill, basil, onions and parsley. A little olive oil can be a healthy option for sautéing your tomatoes and onions before adding them to the mix in a pan [source: Weil].

When you're finished, you not only have a dish that tastes fabulous but one that offers lots of vitamins and -- thanks to the lycopene that tomatoes offer -- has the power to prevent diseases like prostate cancer [source: Weil].