5 Healthy Cold-weather Foods to Warm You Up


Turkey or Vegetarian Chili

Think of chili as soup's more substantial cousin. It has the warm, comforting feel of soup but chili's thickness makes it more satisfying when you are particularly hungry.

Whether or not you're a vegetarian, you may be pleasantly surprised by the heartiness of veggie chili. A variety of legumes -- garbanzo, kidney, black and canelli beans -- offers protein and flavor. Diced tomatoes, garlic and peppers give you an infusion of antioxidants and vitamins. Onions can be added for a little more zip. If chili doesn't seem like chili without meat, try adding turkey or extra-lean hamburger. It's hard to go wrong with chili on a cold day, unless of course, you overdo with sides of breads for dipping in that tasty concoction.