5 Healthy Cold-weather Foods to Warm You Up

Hot Apples

You've undoubtedly heard of a bad apple. Sure, a bad apple can spread its rottenness to the whole bushel, but a really bad apple isn't rotten -- it's packed with unhealthy calories, sugars and fats. Think of candied apples, apple pie and apple chunks in a sugary breakfast cereal. Thing is, apples are plenty tasty and healthy without making a bunch of man-made alterations. To make apples into a warm treat for cold days, you need do little more than warm them up.

De-core enough apples for you and your family or friends, put them in a crock pot and in a few hours you'll have a warm dessert with no added guilt [source: Skinny Chef]. Another faster option is to slice the apples, place them on a cookie sheet and heat them at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit (about 149 degrees Celsius) until slightly browned. If you desire, add them to a bowl, toss in some walnuts and top with low-fat yogurt [source: List My Five].

There's no need to emerge from the cold weeks and months without your health and fitness. With exercise and these delicious but healthy options you'll be ready to hit the beach when the sunshine returns.

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