Top 5 Healthy Pork Marinade Ideas

Wine Marinades

People have been cooking with wine for almost as long as they've been drinking it, and for good reason. The spectrum of flavors wine provides is vast, and using it for marinating pork can be as healthy as it is delicious. Like citrus, wine is acidic and will tenderize the meat as well as enhance its flavor. This keeps the ingredients list simple since you have one element doing the work of two. You could easily add in some garlic or fresh herbs to enhance the flavor, but using just the wine and some salt and pepper will also do the trick.

When using wine, it's best to keep the shade of the meat and the shade of the wine in the same neighborhood. Red wines generally pair well with dark meats like steak, lamb or duck, while pork is best marinated in white wine. And even though wine can be high in calories, just a little bit can go a long way. Most of the calories come from the alcohol, which you can reduce by bringing the marinade to a boil (alcohol begins to evaporate at 178 degrees Fahrenheit).