5 Tips for Flavorful Tofu Turkey

Drizzle (or Drench) It

You can replace the bird with bean curd and steam instead of roast. You can pull the ham out of the stuffing and fill your kitchen with the smell of soy sauce. You cannot, however, forget the gravy.

Well, you can, but why leave off one of the best flavor-enhancing components available? Your tofu turkey is non-traditional, so why stop there? Your gravy can be meat-free, just a sauce that adds extra taste. You can serve your reduced marinade as a gravy, or else create a new sauce that adds some contrast to the dish.

Vegetarian gravies are typically based on vegetable broth, thickened with corn starch, and incorporate soy sauce, onion, poultry-style herbs like sage or thyme, and garlic. Lots of garlic. Mushrooms are optional but highly recommended. Color- and texture-wise, they're gravy-perfect.

This is, almost certainly, not the gravy of 1863 -- or of 1963, for that matter. It is, however, a delicious way to make a flavorful tofu turkey even more so. And the very act of drizzling that thick brown sauce, almost as traditionally Thanksgiving as the turkey itself, is sure to remind any meat-eating guests where they are, in case the lack of flesh threw them off.

It's veggie. It's tasty. It's Thanksgiving. (See? There's gravy!)

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