5 Ways Nutrigenomic Diets Could Help You


Increase Longevity

Diet isn't only related to the prevention of disease -- it's also instrumental in attaining good health. While you may think these two things are one and the same, the lack of disease doesn't necessarily mean you have good health. It just means you're free of disease, although the situation can change quickly unless you exercise, eat right and stay away from the bad stuff. According to nutrigenomicists, bolstering your body's genetic deficiencies with the right nutritional choices will help you travel a long distance on the road to good health.

Some people are just genetically predisposed to getting certain diseases. Some of the difference may be partly accounted for with lifestyle choices, but certain ethnic groups seem to be more prone to getting diseases like diabetes or heart disease than others. Genes can be directly affected by diet, and the interplay between the two may be responsible for the appearance and advancement of many diseases. By identifying which of your genes are likely to cause you health problems, you may one day be able to neutralize them through your diet and live a longer, healthier life.