Choosing a Diet Program

Fad Diets

Fad diets will come and go because the field of nutrition is vulnerable to oversimplification and misplaced emphasis. Competent nutritional research expands our knowledge base daily, yet examples of famous people who have lost weight with diets that seem too good to be true continue to get the headlines.

Some good advice is to look at these dietary programs with the same critical eye that you might use if you were buying a new home. Would you jump right in without carefully checking it out? Do you know where to look or whom to contact for reliable information about your potential purchase? Are you buying for the short term or the long term?

Whereas the motto for home buying is said to be "location, location, and location," the motto for choosing your next -- and with luck, your last -- diet should be "nutritional balance, variety, and moderation." For the best results, this approach should be combined with regular physical activity.

You can lose weight and follow that motto on a low-calorie diet. Find out how on the next page.