Kumquats: Natural Food

Kumquats are high in vitamin C.
Kumquats are high in vitamin C.
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Nutritional Information:

Good source of vitamins A and C.

What to Look For:

Choose thin-skinned, orange fruit about 1.5 inches long. Fruits with green leaves still attached are freshest.


Easy Storage and Preparation:

Keeps at room temperature for several days.

Best Uses:

Eat raw (a very refreshing treat after rich meals); or cut it in half, seed and purée, then add to a sauce for dessert or poultry.

NOTE: An excellent source contains more than 20 percent of the Daily Value for that nutrient. A good source contains between 10 and 19 percent of the Daily Value.

Source: Copyright © 2000 by Ellen Haas.

From the book "Great Adventures in Food" By Ellen Haas.

Used with permission of St. Martin's Press, LLC.

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