Top 5 Supplements for Heat Exhaustion


If you've ever had a sports drink after exercising, you may have wondered what's in the stuff that's supposed to be good for you. Monopotassium phosphate? Is that just a preservative? Hardly.

The second-most important supplement on our list is potassium, another mineral that serves a necessary purpose in the human body. Potassium, along with calcium and magnesium, works as an electrolyte to carry electrical impulses across cells.

But this isn't just any electrolyte. Potassium plays an important part in the transfer of ions through cellular membranes in a process called the sodium-potassium pump. The sodium-potassium pump does a number of things, including the important task of transmitting nerve signals [source: Goodsell].

Potassium is found in a number of foods, including all meat sources and soy products, broccoli, lima beans, potatoes, citrus fruits and of course, bananas [source: MedLine Plus]. There are also plenty of over-the-counter supplements.

But since we're talking heat exhaustion, and we've established the need to replace lost water due to dehydration, sports drinks are a great option. Most all of them have monopotassium phosphate or some other source of potassium to replace the lost electrolyte.

Let's move on to the final supplement on our list, one necessary for many functions in the body.

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