How Vitamin B3 Works

Vitamin B3 Deficiency

The first symptoms of pellagra are weakness, loss of appetite, and some digestive disturbances. As the deficiency disease progresses, the skin becomes rough and red in areas exposed to sunlight, heat, or irritation. Later, open sores, diarrhea, dementia, and delirium may develop. And finally, death results if the condition is left untreated.

As pellagra progress, skin exposed to the sunlight can become red and irritated.
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As pellagra progress, skin exposed to the sunlight can become red and irritated.
This disease, now rarely seen in the United States, is still common in parts of the world where corn is the major cereal grain. Corn is low in tryptophan, and the niacin it contains is difficult to absorb. In Latin American countries, they combine cornmeal with the mineral lime when making tortillas; the alkalinity of the lime frees the niacin so that it can be absorbed.

Vitamin B3 supplements are taken for a number of conditions, but the treatment is risky -- niacin supplements should not be taken unless you're under the supervision of a health care professional. Keep reading to learn more about Vitamin B3 supplements.

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