10 Steps to a More Kissable Mouth

Use a Mouth Rinse
A quick swig of mouthwash is your last step to a perfectly kissable mouth!
A quick swig of mouthwash is your last step to a perfectly kissable mouth!

Now that you've done everything else on the list to make your mouth truly kissable, there's one last, quick refresher. In addition to brushing and flossing, your dentist may recommend an American Dental Association-approved therapeutic mouth rinse. Such rinses have been judged to be safe for consumers and effective for specific uses, such as controlling gingivitis, delivering fluoride and controlling bad breath.

Cosmetic mouth rinses are also available. They may mask breath odor but do not address the source of the problem, nor do they affect the teeth or gums. For an effective solution closer to home, mix ordinary saltwater (1 teaspoon salt to 1 cup warm water) to remove plaque and kill odor-causing bacteria.

Good oral hygiene isn't terribly time-consuming; it requires a few minutes a few times a day. This small investment can result in a healthy, dazzling, kissable mouth.

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