10 Steps to a More Kissable Mouth

Minimize Sugar Consumption

What's worse for a kiss (and your health) than a mouthful of decaying teeth? Every time you eat, you're providing fuel to the bacteria that attack your tooth enamel. Try to minimize the foods that are primary contributors -- added, refined and natural sugars. Obvious sugar sources like candy and soda should be limited, but also check food labels. Many foods have sugar lurking as an unexpected ingredient.

Some nutritious foods contain natural sugars and carbohydrates, such as fruits and whole grain products. Don't avoid them, but try to brush soon after consumption. Add foods that are good for teeth and gums, like low-fat dairy products (for calcium) and citrus fruits and dark green vegetables (for vitamin C).

Brushing after eating is ideal, but what if you snack at work or school and can't brush? Alter your meals if not your routine, and choose snacks that are low in sugar and not sticky; they're less likely to cause an impact. Rough-textured snacks, such as carrots, can help scrape off plaque.