10 Steps to a More Kissable Mouth

Visit Your Dentist

So far our list comprises do-it-yourself tips, but for ultimate kissability, you'll need some help. See your dentist regularly; every six months is the usual recommendation. Some people, however, avoid checkups due to anxiety over the potential pain associated with dental work. This fear can be overcome by talking to your dentist, who can make adjustments to accommodate your concerns.

Each regular office visit may encompass several procedures, including teeth cleaning, instruction in oral hygiene, an examination by the dentist and any preventative or restorative work that needs to be done. Your dentist will also look for health problems, such as oral cancer, and may require X-rays to further check out your teeth and bone.

The cleaning itself is enough to keep you visiting your dentist regularly, though. Special instruments remove tartar or calculus, built-up plaque that can lead to decay. Then teeth are then polished, which makes them both shiny -- contributing to kissability -- and slippery, which hinders the adherence of plaque.