5 Truths About Bikini Waxes

You Can Go It Alone

If you find the price of a pro wax daunting, you can try to do it yourself (although we wouldn't recommend a Brazilian unless you're a contortionist).

Home kits come with wax, a spatula, and often cloth strips (with some, you just pull on the wax). The wax itself comes in two types: warm and cold. Cold wax is faster, but warm usually works better.

The issue with home waxing is that you are not a trained professional, so it takes a little getting used to. Some expert advice:

• Make sure that your skin is clean and dry. This makes the wax stick better.

• Spread the wax the same way your hair grows.

• When you're ready to pull, hold your skin tight and pull in the opposite direction of hair growth. You might be tempted to pull up, but instead, stay close to the skin.