5 Truths About Bikini Waxes

Bikini Waxing Isn't Risk-Free

Your pubic hair has an important purpose: It protects you. Your delicate skin needs a buffer to keep away bacteria.

A bikini wax takes away that protection. For people with conditions that weaken their immune system, such as diabetes, Brazilian waxes aren't recommended. If you're otherwise in good health, the risks are scarring, folliculitis and ingrown hairs. It's also possible to pick up a staph infection, so if you notice skin irritation that doesn't look quite right or doesn't seem to be clearing up, call a dermatologist and get it looked at.

The risk of infection is the best reason to do research on the salon you're going to. Spotless conditions, no "double dipping" with the spatula, evidence of hand washing -- these are qualities any reputable waxing establishment should have. If you're uncomfortable with anything, speak up or walk out. A sleek bikini line isn't worth risking your health.

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