What are some great tips for fighting germs?

There are many several simple yet effective ways to battle germs. One thing you can do is to periodically spot clean the areas of your home that are known germ factories. A study conducted by the Hygiene Council found that the handles of bathroom and kitchen faucets are especially susceptible to microbes. There’s no need to go overboard with the cleaning, however. Regularly cleaning of just those household items that get frequently used, such as computer keyboards, remote controls, doorknobs and light switches, will go a long way toward making your home a less welcoming place for pesky germs.

Another gathering point for germs tends to be the kitchen sponge. Since it’s used to clean up all types of messes, the average kitchen sponge is a germ haven. One tip is to simply replace your kitchen sponge on a weekly basis. Or, you can microwave your sponge for a couple of minutes. According to a study conducted at the University of Florida, virtually all bacteria on a kitchen sponge will be killed after being nuked in a microwave. Another effective way to fight germs is to stay hydrated. Whenever you drink water or some other beverage, the mucous membranes become moist. Germs have a more difficult time invading the body if they have to travel through moist mucous membranes. However, you shouldn’t drink soda, coffee or alcohol if your goal is to keep the germs away. These particular beverages may actually have the opposite effect, since they’re known to dehydrate.


The most powerful tool we have against germs is the simple act of washing our hands with soap. Although not a substitute for soap and water, another way to keep your hands from becoming infested with microbes is by using an alcohol-based sanitizer.