10 Health Tips for Men Over 30


Go Gaga for Yoga

Kraig Scarbinsky/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Chances are good that some time in your 20s you went from being a bellboy, busboy or stock boy to someone with a real career. That's great news for your bank account (and self-esteem) but maybe not such good news for your flexibility.

Your body tends to adapt to the ways in which you use it. So when you go from being fairly active to sitting behind a desk, hunched over a keyboard while squinting at spreadsheets, your body's not really getting the message that you'd like it to be long, lean and flexible. Even taking part in exercises like jogging or playing basketball might not be enough to help because they use only a limited range of motion. Plus, male muscles and connective tissues also shorten in your 30s, leading to decreased flexibility [source: Men's Health].

The solution? Yoga.

It not only improves flexibility by moving the body through a full range of motion, it can also lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate -- not to mention it's a superpower when it comes to easing the stress that accompanies your new desk job. Being more flexible will also protect you from injuring yourself during sports-related activities [source: Oz].