10 Health Tips for Men Over 30


Don't Dodge the Doc


Because things like cholesterol, body fat and blood pressure all begin to rise in your 30s, now is the time to schedule doctor visits as regularly as you schedule oil changes. (You do those, right?) Instead of every 3,000 miles, it's recommended that a guy in his 30s get a complete physical every three years [source: Washington Hospital Healthcare System].

Not only can going to the doc help you find present and potential health issues, but getting checked out at 30 is also great for establishing some baseline measurements that will help you monitor your health in the long decades to come. Request a baseline EKG to gauge your heart health, take note of your blood pressure and pulse, and request a lipid profile so that you can begin monitoring your cholesterol levels.

An annual checkup visit is also a good idea so that you and your doc can keep an eye on these measurements and catch early warning signs of diseases like diabetes, or colon and prostate cancer.