10 Healthy Workout Tips for Men


Take It Slow

Motivation is a wonderful thing. Keep in mind, however, that unbridled enthusiasm has led many would-be athletes to write checks their bodies can't cash.

Sports injuries are second only to the common cold among reasons why people pay a visit to their doctor. A large number of the injured are so-called "weekend warriors" who try to trade their sedentary existence for the life of an elite athlete. Here's the thing -- it's not a trade, it's a progression. The people who push too hard, too soon, end up right back on the sofa with painful injuries and unwanted medical bills [source: Hobson].

It's great to have a passion for working out, but the fire can quickly get out of control. A better bet is to maintain a slow, controlled burn.

When is the best time to work out? Read on to learn about fitness schedules.