10 Healthy Workout Tips for Men

Set Your Own Goals

Most men will tell you that they're most productive when they know what they're working for. A vague goal such as getting in better shape or an unrealistic focus such as putting Michael Phelps to shame in the pool, will only hamper your progress.

Set a reasonable long-term goal. Maybe it's to complete your first half-marathon nine months from now. Then work toward smaller goals along the way, such as completing your first 5K or 10K. Celebrate each small goal as a step on the path to the larger objective. And remember that, you're really competing with yourself. The elite runner in the group who never seems to break a sweat can be an inspiration to you, but don't break a leg trying to keep up when he or she has probably been training for much longer than you have. You're on your own path to fitness and you'll get there at your own pace.

Keep your workouts safe and effective, and you'll reach your full athletic potential.

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