10 Tips on How to Get a Ripped Back

Seated Cable Rows

If you were ever a member of a college or club crew, seated cable rows will be very familiar -- you just won't be gliding on the top of a river or lake. Seated cable rows sculpt your lats, delts and traps, and even work your legs a bit.

Begin by attaching a narrow bar to the cable. Once seated, lean forward and grab the bar with both hands, placing your feet on the plates in front of you with knees slightly bent. Make sure your arms are straight -- this will engage the lats right from the start. Now, lean back so you're sitting up straight and bring your arms to your stomach. Pause in this upright position and tense your back muscles for full effect. You should feel it in your upper back, arms and your legs. Pause for few seconds before slowly returning to your starting position while keeping your legs bent slightly the whole time [source: Iron Workout].

You'll want to start with a lighter weight until you get the form down. Once you're comfortable with the mechanics of the exercise, you can increase the weight.