10 Benefits of Zinc for Men

Zinc and Cell Repair

Men can be hard on their bodies. And the more active we are -- whether at work, in the gym or in the yard -- the more stress we put on our muscular-skeletal system. Coincidentally, most of our personal stores of zinc are found our muscles, where its role in cell building and repair is particularly useful after strenuous activities.

The very act of exercising -- from weight training to running to raking the lawn -- puts our muscles under stress. We literally break them down, on a cellular level, when we use them. While at rest, our muscles grow back bigger and stronger. Zinc is a key component in this process, from providing proper structure to cells and proteins to helping us get the rest that the process requires.

Furthermore, muscles at work expend considerable energy, leading to the production of free radicals. Intense training can result in heavy sweating and inadequate caloric intake, both of which can lead to insufficient levels of zinc. Since zinc's role as an antioxidant is crucial to mitigating the adverse effects of free radicals, anyone undergoing a rigorous fitness regimen should monitor their zinc intake to make sure they maintain adequate levels.

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