5 Common Men's Health Problems You Can Avoid

Whether from disease or an accident, lower back pain can be distracting or debilitating. Where does it reside on our list? Keep reading. See more men's health pictures.

Picture, for a moment, a typical Saturday afternoon. A man is in his driveway carefully washing and waxing his car. Or perhaps he's meticulously trimming weeds from the landscaped areas of his yard. Maybe he's even putting in a few extra hours at the office -- earning some overtime money for his kids' college fund. Regardless of the scenario, one thing is clear: Men can be great caretakers. Whether its attention to a classic vehicle or devotion to family, they tend to cover all the bases. There seems to be one exception, though: their health.

Men, in general, focus less on preventive care than their female counterparts. Take, for instance, the fact that women are 33 percent more likely to visit a physician for any reason [source CDC]. And then consider that men often wait until a condition is serious before making a medical appointment [source: Hoffman]. Perhaps it's a grin-and-bear-it attitude; maybe it's a matter of priorities. Either way, men have quite a way to go in improving their own health care. When they do, they'll find that many of the conditions that plague their gender are easily preventable. In this article, we'll look at some classic men's health problems and the simple measures to avoid them.