5 Frightening Men's Health Statistics

Men as Victims of Abuse

Domestic abuse isn't limited to women -- men are often victims as well, even at the hands of their romantic partners.

In the United States, 835,000 men were assaulted by their intimate partners in one year [source: Tjaden, Thoennes].

One source even thinks the number is underestimated because police are less likely to file reports if the quarrel is domestic, as opposed to an altercation between two strangers [source: Cook].

In addition, men were 9 percent less likely than women to report any crime if they are victims, according to one analysis [source: McLeod]. The Justice Department found similar results, stating that men are 11 percent less likely to report a violent crime against them [source: Cook]. Another reason this frightening statistic is not well-known is because cases of mutual abuse -- in which both a man and a woman are violent -- overshadow cases in which men are sole victims.

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