5 Health Tests Men Need to Have Done

It's a good idea to monitor your blood pressure -- just one exam men need to have done. See more men's health pictures.

When it comes to your lifespan, the last thing you want is to cut it short by skipping simple health tests. Yet men and women don't appear to have the same opinion on this. In fact, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, women were 24 percent more likely than men to have visited a doctor during the past year [source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality].

Perhaps you're wondering what the big deal is? Maybe these women are wasting their time? But statistics show that women tend to have about 10 extra years on their projected lifespan than men, which tells us they're doing something right [source: Becker, Hecker].

So if you are a man seeking to snag those extra years back, the first thing you can do is borrow from a woman's to-do list. Visit the doctor, and get those much-needed health tests. Read on to learn about five tests that can alert you to precautions you need to take -- or send you back on your merry way with peace of mind.