5 Home Workout Safety Tips for Men

Warm Up and Stretch

In general, men are less flexible than women. They are also less likely to stretch before working out [source: Sorgen]. When exercising at home, make sure to warm up and stretch just like you would at the gym. By warming up for just 10 minutes, you can prevent muscle strain and injury [source: Skarnulis].

Slow and steady wins the race when you're warming up at home. Stretching "cold" can cause injury, so start off by walking, jogging or running in place to warm up first [source: Skarnulis]. Next, do gentle, static stretches -- no bouncing -- so that you don't strain your muscles. When your workout is over, be sure to cool down just like you would in a fitness class. Just 10 minutes of working out at a slower pace, perhaps by walking or jogging, can allow your body to cool down, flush the lactic acid out of your system and prevent muscle soreness.

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