5 Natural Herbs for Men's Health

Saw Palmetto

The sunny Southeast has a lot of positive attributes and you can add one of the region's five herbs to that list: saw palmetto, a palm tree.

So why should you care that saw palmetto does more than provide landscaping in this portion of the United States? According to WebMD, saw palmetto might help reduce the manifestations of noncancerous enlarged prostate glands. This would certainly be good news for those men experiencing symptoms such as the need to urinate frequently during the night [source: WebMD].

However, WebMD is also quick to caution that saw palmetto fell off the recognized drug list in the United States after 1950, even though it was used as a drug from the 1870s until then. In addition, it is still used in Europe. This, combined with the fact that there isn't a consensus among medical professionals on how or if it works, means that speaking to your physician before taking saw palmetto is the way to go [source: WebMD].