5 Tips for Men to Stop Hunger Pangs

When hunger strikes, it's hard not to take the same approach as this guy. See more men's health pictures.

You're in the middle of a sales call, close to sealing the deal. As you reach for your briefcase, a low-flying plane roars overhead and the building shakes. Except it wasn't a plane -- it was your stomach growling, loudly. It's a potentially embarrassing scenario that's probably happened to most of us at one point or another. The most logical solution, of course, is to eat something, but what if you don't have time to eat (you're in the middle of some work), or you just don't want to (you're on a diet)?

Feelings of hunger are regulated by leptin. It's a protein manufactured in fat cells that circulates through the blood and winds up in the brain. Leptin tells the brain whether or not there is enough energy stored in the fat cells for the body to continue with normal activities. If there is, the brain understands that the body is full. When there isn't enough energy in those cells, leptin tells the brain to tell you to eat. But if you're losing weight, your fat cells are continually shrinking, which decreases the amount of leptin produced. The brain, then, doesn't get the message that enough energy has been stored, even if there's plenty. The result is that you feel hungry, even though you've had enough.

There are many ways to curb those annoying, diet-killing hunger pangs. Some take planning, while others are temporary or stop-gap solutions. These five tips can help men curb their hunger (although they generally apply for women, too).