5 Tips on How to Get Big Arms

Work More Than Just Your Biceps

The biceps get all the attention but they're not the biggest or most important of the arm muscles. The arm muscles consist of:

  • The biceps brachii -- the hill-shaped muscles on the front of the upper arms
  • The triceps brachii -- the horseshoe-shaped muscles on the back of the upper arm
  • The forearm flexors -- the muscles found on the palm side of the forearm
  • The forearm extensors -- the muscles on the watch face side of the forearm.

The triceps actually take up approximately two-thirds of the real estate on the upper arm [source: Schlosberg, Neporent]. If you do nothing but exercises that isolate the biceps -- such as curls -- you're cheating yourself. Exercises like tricep kickbacks and tricep presses are also important to overall arm growth [source: Frisch].