5 Tips on How to Get Big Arms

Recover the Right Way

It's important to remember that your arms don't get bigger when you're throwing around heavy iron. It's during the periods of rest and recovery that growth occurs. Malvesti and Frisch both agree that three one-hour lifting sessions a week, each separated by a rest day is sufficient for most individuals. More time in the gym isn't necessarily better either: Overtraining, a condition in which athletic performance worsens, occurs as a result of too much exercise and not enough rest. Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night [source: Morgenthaler].

What you're doing during the recovery periods is also important. Maintain a healthy diet centered on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables. Be sure to eat four to six times a day at regular intervals, especially after your workout. Your body can't properly rebuild without sufficient fuel.

No, there are no secrets to getting big arms but with a smart, disciplined approach you can do it. For lots more information, click ahead.

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