5 Ways to Lower Your PSA Count

Take Aspirin
Taking an aspirin a day may lower your PSA levels and prevent cancer.
Taking an aspirin a day may lower your PSA levels and prevent cancer.

You've already heard that regular use of aspirin can help protect you against heart problems. But a study published in 2008 by Vanderbilt University researchers also suggests that aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) lower PSA levels, especially among men who have prostate cancer. The study, in which the researchers looked at 1,277 patients and referred to urologists for prostate biopsies, found that those who used aspirin had PSA levels that were 9 percent lower than those who didn't use the over-the-counter pain reliever. The researchers found that aspirin didn't seem to have an effect on prostate enlargement, but instead apparently did something to hinder development of the cancer [source: Science Daily].

Previous studies also show that use of aspirin and other NSAIDs is linked to a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. A study published in 2003 by Mayo Clinic researchers, who followed 1,362 men between ages 50 and 79 over a 66-month period, found that those who used NSAIDs regularly had half as much likelihood of developing prostate cancer as those who did not. The benefits seemed to be the greatest for the oldest patients in the study. The researchers could not explain why NSAIDs seemed to reduce prostate cancer risk, but their findings give men who are considering taking aspirin to protect their hearts an additional incentive [source: Reuters].