5 Ways to Lower Your PSA Count

Drink Pomegranate Juice

It's unfortunate that the pomegranate isn't a diet staple of the typical American man because an increasing amount of research suggests that pomegranate juice may help fight prostate cancer. The deep-red, sweet drink is rich in phytochemicals; in laboratory studies, phytochemicals have been shown to inhibit cancer growth and spread [source: Harvard Men's Health Watch, National Cancer Institute].

According to the National Cancer Institute's Web site, UCLA researchers currently are studying pomegranate juice as a way to slow or reverse PSA levels in men who've already been treated for prostate cancer and are trying to prevent its return. A phase II trial already has found that daily consumption of pomegranate juice resulted in a significant lengthening of the PSA doubling time, a measure that is a predictor of cancer progression and mortality. The scientists are now conducting a large-scale, Phase III study to verify their early findings [source: National Cancer Institute].

A daily glass of the crimson stuff may also be good for other things besides your prostate. The Harvard Men's Health Watch newsletter reported in 2007 that both animal and human studies suggest that pomegranate juice may help fight cardiovascular disease by preventing LDL -- the "bad cholesterol" -- from damaging your blood vessels, and by slowing the development of plaques in mice with atherosclerosis. Clinical studies also suggest that it may improve cardiac blood flow. But research also suggests that it may interfere with certain medications, so be sure to talk about that with your doctor [source: Harvard Men's Health Watch].

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