5 Hygiene Tips for Men with Long Hair


Don't Fight Nature

Working against your natural hair type can leave you feeling frustrated, especially when your hair falls past your shoulders. Part of the problem is that many guys have never had to even think much about their hair type and how it impacts the morning grooming routine. While short hair tends to hide variations in hair type, longer hair forces you to confront Mother Nature head on. If you try to force your hair into a style that doesn't reflect its natural texture and growth patterns, plan to devote countless hours to styling each week.

Guys with fine or thin hair should stick to slightly shorter lengths to keep hair from looking too weighed down and flat. Hair that's overly long drags down volume and can make hair look uncared for. Above all, keep hair care products away from your roots to avoid that greasy, unwashed look.

Men with thick or course hair should look for mid-length styles that add weight and a bit of control. If your hair is curly or frizzy, stick with longer cuts to weigh hair down and keep volume at a happy medium. The thicker or curlier your hair, the more product you should add to keep hair manageable.