5 Hygiene Tips for Men with Long Hair


Choose the Right Styling Products


The number of men's styling products on the market is starting to rival those available to women. While these styling aids can be a lifesaver for guys with long hair, many men have trouble distinguishing between all the different options. The right styling products can not only add volume and shine, but also make hair more manageable so you can create exactly the look you want. Be warned, however, that the wrong hair care products can leave hair looking heavy, flat or just plain unwashed.

Many men reach for the gel automatically to add hold with long or short hair. While gels of all types can add hold and shine, they're no longer the only option for men with longer locks. Guys with curly or course hair should consider cream-based products, which add moisture and definition without the stiff texture associated with gel. Waxes work best on straight or fine hair, and can be used to add that textured look that so many men -- and women -- love. To create this textured look with curly or thicker hair, try pomades, which are basically a blend of creams and waxes. To cut frizz and add shine to curls or waves, look for defrizzing serums.

The secret to successful application of these styling products is to not overdo it. Even the right product can look just plain wrong if used incorrectly. Always start with no more than a dime-sized amount, and apply products starting at the back of the head to avoid volume-killing buildup on top of the head.