5 Hygiene Tips for Men with Long Hair


Don't Shy Away From the Shears


Just because you have long hair, it doesn't mean you can skip regular haircuts. For so many men with long hair, all sense of style gets lost as hair gets too long and out of control. If you find that you always need a rubber band or bandanna to keep your hair out of your face, maybe it's time to consider a new style.

Of course, a trip to the barbershop doesn't mean you have to trade in your long hair for a shorter 'do. Instead, a simple trim every six to eight weeks can help you maintain a longer style and maximize hair growth. Regular trims also help to minimize split ends and other signs of damage that can ruin the look of long hair.

The right cut can also add body and volume to hair that's weighing you down. Have the stylist cut away bulky or thick layers to tame curly or wavy styles. For those with thin or fine hair, a few added layers around the face can lighten up your look and eliminate flat-head syndrome. Men who experience thinning or balding can benefit the most from a simple cut. Eliminate some length and gain much-needed volume to conceal hair that's thinning on top.

Remember, don't be a slave to the ponytail. Maintain regular cuts and show your style without losing the long hair you love.