5 Hygiene Tips for Men with Long Hair


Minimize Damage to Keep Hair Healthy

Shiny, healthy hair is the perfect complement to any style or hair length. Damaged hair tends to appear dried out, with numerous broken strands, while healthy hair stays shiny, smooth and full of natural body. While diet and even genetics play a role in hair health, taking steps to protect your locks from damage can also have a major impact on your looks.

Many of the things you put your hair through every day without a second thought can cause damage to longer locks. Blow drying or even rubbing your hair with a towel too vigorously can stress out your strands and leave them dry and damaged. Skip the blow dryer and allow your hair to dry naturally for that perfectly-tousled bed head look. If you must use a hair dryer, apply a thermal-protection spray to your hair first to minimize damage.

Choose a brush with natural bristles or a wide-tooth comb, and never, ever brush your hair when it's wet if you want to maintain optimal hair health.

To avoid drying and frying in the sun, wear a hat when you venture outdoors during the day. After a day at the beach, minimize saltwater-related damage with a deep conditioning treatment to bring back much-needed moisture.

While hats and bandannas may be part of your everyday style, they can also pose a threat to your style. Over time, any accessory that holds hair in place can also contribute to broken or damaged locks. Wearing hats and hair ties too often can even lead to a condition called traction alopecia, which can contribute to hair thinning and premature baldness.

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