5 Hygiene Tips for Staying Fresh All Day


Clean Up Your Diet

So we know that good hygiene, including keeping your body clean -- from your hair and teeth to your skin and feet -- can help you feel clean throughout the day. But you can help yourself feel fresh all day, every day, by also eliminating certain foods from your diet.

Some foods make us stink. Strong dishes such as curries and chilies can be to blame, as are foods such as garlic and onions, cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli) and some types of cheese. These foods contain volatile organic aromatic compounds that are most often to blame. Smell like the garlic from the Italian lunch you had? It's the volatile organic aromatic compounds that are released as part of our sweat.

Another food to blame for affecting how we smell is red meat. Researchers have found that men who refrained from eating red meat were considered better smelling than those who ate it regularly [source: Havlicek and Lenochova].

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