5 Hygiene Tips On What to Do Before an Interview

Banish B.O.

If you're looking for a rock-solid hygiene tip for your interview, it's this: don't stink.

Unpleasant body odor is a major turnoff to not only romantic suitors, but professional suitors as well.

After your appearance, your smell will likely be the next sensory data your interviewer receives while judging you. Throughout the duration of your job hunt (and ideally your subsequent employment), you should make a practice of showering regularly, and most definitely on the day of interview.

Scrub your pits and nether regions, and wear deodorant or antiperspirant (unscented is best). But don't get carried away in your desire to banish unpleasant natural smells -- go easy on perfume, cologne, body spray or any other scented accoutrement.

Wear an undershirt or underarm sweat pads if you're naturally a heavy (or nervous) sweater. And if these measures don't banish the B.O., see a doctor or specialist. There may be a medical reason you're producing an unpleasant smell.

To give yourself a fighting chance of smelling good, you should avoid eating onions, garlic or other strong-smelling foods, as their odor can be transferred through every pore of your body.

Follow these hygiene tips before your interview, and you may be on the road to gainful employment and, even better, no more job interviews.

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