5 Men's Hygiene Facts You Won't Believe

5: Facial Hair May Be a Female Repellent

man with full beard
If you want to look mature, a full beard's the way to go. But if you want to hook up, think again.

A 2008 study in the UK had a group of women view a series of digitally altered photos of men. Each male had five different "looks": clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, light beard and full beard.

Participants rated the men on toughness, maturity, aggressiveness, dominance and masculinity. The men's photos were also rated based on potential for long-term and short-term (one-night stand) relationships.

Women rated clean-shaven faces lowest almost across the board, and these baby faces were a major turn-off when it came to the prospects of a long-term relationship.

Full beards elicited perceptions of maturity, aggression and dominance, but made the men absolutely unappealing when it came to hooking up.

But the stubble -- the stubble is where it's at when it comes to attracting the fairer sex. Stubble rated highest when it came to attractiveness and prospects for both long- and short-term relationships [source: Dobson].

A less scientific interview by an Australian razor company found that the ladies down under associate facial hair with sexual wildness, but the attraction largely depends on facial hair that's been trimmed or maintained [source: The Daily Telegraph].

Now that you know what your beard says about your qualities as a mate, learn what your teeth say about your heart, next.

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