5 Men's Hygiene Facts You Won't Believe

1: Not Enough Hand Washing in the Bathroom

While it should be common knowledge by now that everyone needs to wash their hands after using the bathroom, 1 in 4 men still doesn't, according to one 2010 study of American hand-washing habits [source: Hendrick].

This marked an increase in hand-washing since a similar 2007 study, which showed men at that time washing their hands in the bathroom only 66 percent of the time.

Poor hand hygiene contributes to food poisoning, as it facilitates the spreading of salmonella and E. coli onto eating surfaces, utensils and the food itself.

Washing hands also cuts down on viral infections, such as flu and MRSA, a highly contagious staph infection. By washing your hands of viruses and bacteria, you prevent them from entering your body through nicks on your skin or by rubbing your eyes, nose or mouth.

You should wash your hands for 30 seconds, or the length of time you need to sing your ABCs -- at normal speed. Please don't zip through L-M-N-O-P.

Use soap or an antibacterial hand wash. Wash your hands before eating, preparing food, taking or giving medicine, and coming into contact with an infant or someone in poor health. Wash your hands after eating, using the bathroom, having contact with someone who's sick, blowing your nose or coughing, or high-fiving someone who's just blown his nose or coughed.

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