5 Personal Hygiene Tips for Men

A mildly scented or unscented deodorant will help your personal hygiene. If you're adding a cologne, don't overdo it. See more men's health pictures.
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If your mother ever washed your mouth with soap for saying a bad word, we can understand where your aversion to good hygiene came from. But most of us don't have that excuse, and besides -- it's time to grow up.

When there's no one around to tell you not to, do you live in a den of filth? An Everest of cereal bowls in the sink, dirty underwear on the floor, damp towels on the bed? If the answer is yes, chances are, it's pretty obvious without you having to answer.


Not that you have spaghetti in your beard or anything -- you probably just look like someone who doesn't take care of himself. And who wants to be the grown man who doesn't know how to live like a grown-up once he's moved out of his parents' place?


Some say that the only time a man really starts sprucing up is when he's trying to sleep with someone, but we'd like to believe the others are simply lacking proper instruction. We have five tips for either type.