5 Personal Hygiene Tips for Men


Open Your Mouth

Enough concerned woman have brought this up in private conversation that we had to include it.

You do know you're supposed to brush your teeth, right? And go to the dentist every six months for a cleaning?

This isn't a racket perpetrated by con men in white coats and their hygienist sidekicks. You really do need a pro to go in and blast some tartar.

Even if you're flossing every day, which very few people do (unless maybe they're dating a dentist), you're still missing stuff. It's not your fault -- you just can't see it or maneuver to it and don't have the proper tools. Some of us have weaker tooth enamel to begin with and are more prone to cavities. So unless you want to be known as Toothless Joe, give your doc a call.

If that's not enough to convince you, think of the financial ramifications -- dental work is expensive, and most dental insurance fails to cover all the costs of a procedure like a root canal or dental implant.