5 Reasons Not to Use the Same Soap as a Woman


Gender-specific Needs

Men's and women's skin has different needs, and this is another reason the fellas may be better off not using the same soap as a woman. Men's skin tends to be thicker, oilier, duller and rougher than women's. Men also have more hair on their bodies, and this creates more space for bacteria to linger. If you're a guy and you're using soap made for ladies, you may not be getting rid of the dirt and sweat as thoroughly as you want.

Women's soaps tend to have more moisturizing ingredients and milder cleansing properties than men's soaps. You may end up with some skin problems -- namely acne -- if you have oily skin and don't use the appropriate skin-care products. These days, hundreds of different soaps line the shelves, and this makes choosing the best soap for you more difficult than ever. Men's soaps are formulated to provide the proper moisturizing and cleansing power for male skin types, so find the men's section and start browsing.

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