5 Tips for a Man's Morning Routine

Don't Neglect the Small Stuff

Many small grooming habits have a bigger impact on your appearance than you might think. Trimming nose hair, cleaning inside and around the ears, moisturizing, exfoliating the skin, removing eye and nose gunk -- these small tasks can sometimes make or break your overall appearance and can be essential to good hygiene.

Spend a few moments each morning checking and touching up areas that aren't groomed on a daily basis, such as nose hair, ear hair and eyebrows. If you keep up on maintaining these areas, they're less likely to get out of control.

In the shower, make sure you don't forget the easily missed body parts, like your neck, behind your ears and even your feet. To ensure the soap reaches every part of you, start at the top and work your way down, taking care that you don't miss any of your skin. If you're consciously trying to hit every spot, then you're less likely to skip something.

The bottom line is that if you work hard on the rest of your appearance, you don't want a stray nose hair or some ear gunk to undermine your efforts. So spend a few moments cleaning up these often-neglected areas, and you'll be rewarded by looking great and feeling clean.

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