5 Tips for Staying Fresh on a Date


Be Prepared

Ancient Chinese military general Sun Tzu said, "Anciently the skilful warriors first made themselves invincible and awaited the enemy's moment of vulnerability" [source: Sun Tzu]. Like a true warrior, you must make yourself invincible before your date, which means preparing to look your best.

Before you even leave the house, make sure your body is clean and odor-free. Although body odor is a turnoff for both men and women, women can be particularly sensitive at detecting it [source: Wilbert]. Shower if you need to, and dry your body completely, because foul-smelling bacteria like to reproduce in dark, damp places, such as armpits, the groin and covered feet. Use body powder to keep these areas dry.

Apply deodorant to prevent the onset of unwanted body odor. If you sweat, you might want to use an antiperspirant, as well. Finally, cologne or body spray can add a layer of inviting scent to your body.

Food stuck in your teeth can decay and cause bad breath, so it's imperative to brush and floss your teeth before you leave the house. Make sure you take enough time to clean your pearly whites and tongue thoroughly to kill all the germs.

You should also avoid smoking before your date. Smoking can not only give you yellow teeth and bad breath, but smoke also seeps into your clothing and hair, giving off unpleasant odors.