5 Tips for Staying Fresh on a Date


Watch What You Eat


When you're in the trenches, you never know what might attack you -- and it could be the very food you eat. By all means, pay attention to what you put into your mouth. Strong-smelling foods contain fat-soluble, aromatic volatile organic compounds that manifest themselves when they break apart in your blood or are metabolized. Garlic and onions are two of these culprits, but broccoli, asparagus and cabbage are also capable of wreaking havoc on your body. Some spices, like cumin, also contain these compounds, which is why Indian curries and Mexican food can cause bad breath as well as funky body odor.

Even if you choose your food wisely, you still have to get it in your mouth. Watch out for foods with a lot of sauce or grease because they can easily spill and wind up on your clothing. Eat carefully and watch how large your bites are. Too big, and they may end up in your lap rather than in your mouth.

If you can't make it through a meal without your food attacking you, think about carrying a portable stain remover. Stain remover pens and wipes can clean up messy clothes in a jiffy and take away the reminder that you were momentarily a slob.