5 Ways to Keep Up Your Hygiene in the Workplace


Wash Your Hands

When asked if they'd stay home from work because of cold or flu symptoms, many American workers said no. About 44 percent might go to work despite having a fever, and watch out for the 32 percent who plan on going to work no matter how sick they may be [source: Infection Control Today]. The best way to fight germs at work -- and elsewhere -- is to wash your hands.

Be sure to use proper hand-washing technique. A quick rinse under cold water isn't good enough. Use soap and warm water, and spend at least 15 to 20 seconds washing your hands -- and don't forget to pay close attention to under your nails and wash all the way up to your wrists. When you can't wash your hands, stash a container of hand sanitizer (one that contains at least 60 percent alcohol will get the job done) in your desk.

Read on for more personal hygiene tips.

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