How can men find the best body wash for them?

Even the manliest men want to be clean and fresh-smelling, but how do they choose the best body wash for the job? See more men's health pictures.

In a previous era, if you'd asked your fellow cowboys for advice on a men's body wash -- should I go with a fragrance or something for my combination skin? -- you'd be lucky if the response was to remove you from your horse and order you to walk back to wherever it was you came from.

Thanks to everyone's growing fondness over the years for good men's hygiene, you no longer risk being run out of town for your queries into hygiene products that are available to women, but specially tailored for men.

Men's body washes are a 21st-century phenomenon, with major players like Gillette and Old Spice introducing them for the first time in 2003 and 2005, respectively. Body washes are closing in on being a $1 billion-a-year industry, so you're in good company using one. But they haven't made hundreds of millions of dollars by offering just one product, and men today are faced with many choices when searching for a body wash that's right for them.

That's not to say you should broach the subject on the factory floor, in the locker room or sitting around a campfire. But thanks to this article, you can get the answers you need regarding body wash without any risk of walking a plank, evading a posse or just being met with doubled-over laughter.

So what should you look for in a body wash? Are they all basically the same? Are there body washes that can't be smelled by nearby cowboys wearing black hats? Keep reading to find out.